Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is my analysis report generated?

We fetch list of followers from your Twitter account and analyze their last 200 tweets.
Based on when they tweet everyday, the reports are generated.

Note - As per Twitter's settings, we can not check the tweet of those of your followers who have protected their tweets.

Q. What time zone is the report referring to?

The time zone you have on your profile is the one we use to generate reports.

Q. Why does it take so long to generate the reports?

To ensure the accuracy of the results, we need to fetch tweets from all ( a maxmium of 5000 ) your followers and this, unfortunately, takes a lot of time. We wish we could be more specific but the time needed depends upon many factors like
(a) the number of followers you have
(b) number of requests already in the queue

Q. I'm not following @tweriod. Will I get my results?

Yes! You need not follow @tweriod to get your results. Results are self-DMed to you.

Q. What does "Tweriod" mean?

Pronounced as Twe - roid A service that improves the performance and effectiveness of your twitter posts.